Building Regs

Regarding building regs, the UK Government website ( ) states:-

You usually need building regs approval if you:

  • put up a new building
  • extend or alter an existing building
  • install services or fittings in a building, eg washing and sanitary facilities, hot water cylinders, foul water and rainwater drainage, replacement windows and any fuel burning appliances

Approval can namely be gained via Full Plans Approval. The main purpose of this route is to ensure that intended constructions meet the required standard and are founded and built appropriately.

At Daniel Design & Build Ltd we provide comprehensive and detailed plans which ALWAYS obtain this approval prior to starting physical work. Not only does this ensure you have a full working set of plans to supply your chosen contractor with but also ensures security for both the client and contractor. Detailed approved plans will alleviate a lot of awkward situations revolving unforeseen cost increases part way through building. The majority of eventualities will already have been projected and will have been considered in the design of your project. In a lot of projects the foundations can upset the budget and timescales however the required foundations will, in most cases, already be fit for the ground at the site and so will be reflected in the quoted costs and timescales by the contractor. The contractor can also provide an all-encompassing price as everything required to construct is there in black & white.

Often other practices will only take on the planning side of the design work and not the building regs due to the more involved nature of the design. We will be happy to pick this up for you if you have been left stranded at all.