Estate Value Maximisation

During 2014, Daniel Design & Build have investigated and in many cases succeeded in aiding people with estate value maximisation.  We have helped various clients to realise the true potential of their homes with relation to sale value.

This comes with very little investment and the initial consultation to discuss what we think is feasible is completely free – so we say ‘why not’.

If you ( or someone you know ) is considering selling their home, why not give us a call to see if we can help you to MAXIMISE the asking price you can demand….and more importantly the sale value.


  • During 2014 the average property sale asking price we assisted was raised by £47,500*
  • During 2014 the average actual sale price of households we had assisted raised by £37,000*


You just never know how we could help you realise the true potential of your home……


*accurate at time of publication.